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    • Ferris, Woodbridge N.

    • Woodbridge N. Ferris, 28th Governor of Michigan, 1913-1916. Democrat. Born in New York in 1853. Died 1928. Buried in Big Rapids. Educator by trade.
    • Governors; Ferris, Woodbridge N.
    • Woodbridge, William

    • William Woodbridge, 2nd Governor of Michigan, 1840-1841. Whig. Religion: Congregational. Born in Connecticut in 1780. Died 1861. Buried in Detroit. Lawyer by trade. •aAlso Governor (acting) of Michigan Territory, 1818-1820, 1820-1822, 1823-1825,...
    • Governors; Woodbridge, William
    • Greenly, William L.

    • William L. Greenly, 6th Governor of Michigan, 1847. Democrat. Born in New York in 1813. Died 1883. Buried in Adrian. Lawyer by trade.
    • Governors; Greenly, William L.
    • Milliken, William G.

    • William G. Milliken, 44th Governor of Michigan, 1969-1982. Republican. Religion: Congregational. Born in Traverse City in 1922. Businessman by trade.
    • Governors; Milliken, William G.
    • Comstock, William A.

    • William A. Comstock, 33rd Governor of Michigan, 1933-1934. Democrat. Religion: Episcopal. Born in Alpena in 1877. Died 1949. Buried in Alpena. Banker and businessman by trade.
    • Governors; Comstock, William A.
    • Brucker, Wilber M.

    • Wilber M. Brucker, 32nd Governor of Michigan, 1931-1932. Republican. Religion: Presbyterian. Born in Saginaw in 1894. Died 1968. Buried in Arlington, VA. Lawyer by trade.
    • Governors; Brucker, Wilber M.
    • Mason, Stevens T.

    • Stevens T. Mason, 1st Governor of Michigan, 1835-1840. Democrat. Religion: Episcopal. Born in Virginia in 1811. Died 1843. Buried in Detroit. Lawyer by Trade. •aAlso, Governor (acting) of Michigan Territory, 1831-1835.p
    • Governors; Mason, Stevens T.
    • Alger, Russell A.

    • Russell A. Alger, 20th Governor of Michigan, 1885-1886. Republican. Born in Ohio in 1836. Died 1907. Buried in Detroit. Worked in the lumber industry.
    • Governors; Alger, Russell A.
    • McClelland, Robert

    • Robert McClelland, 9th Governor of Michigan, 1852-1853. Democrat. Born in Pennsylvania in 1807. Died 1880. Buried in Detroit. Lawyer by trade.
    • Governors; McClelland, Robert
    • Van Wagoner, Murray D.

    • Murray D. Van Wagoner, 38th Governor of Michigan, 1941-1942. Democrat. Religion: Episcopal. Born in Kingston in 1898. Died 1986. Buried in Troy. Engineer by trade.
    • Governors; Van Wagoner, Murray D.
    • Wisner, Moses

    • Moses Wisner, 12th Governor of Michigan, 1859-1860. Republican. Born in New York in 1815. Died 1864. Buried in Pontiac. Farmer and lawyer by trade.
    • Governors; Wisner, Moses
    • Dickinson, Luren D.

    • Luren D. Dickinson, 37th Governor of Michigan, 1939-1940. Republican. Religion: Methodist/Episcopal. Born in New York in 1859. Died 1943. Buried in Charlotte. Farmer and teacher by trade.
    • Governors; Dickinson, Luren D.
    • Bingham, Kinsley S.

    • Kinsley S. Bingham, 11th Governor of Michigan, 1855-1858. Republican. Born in New York in 1806. Died 1861. Buried in Brighton. A Laywer by trade.
    • Governors; Bingham, Kinsley S.
    • Sigler, Kim

    • Kim Sigler, 40th Governor of Michigan, 1947-1948. Republican. Religion: Methodist. Born in Nebraska in 1894. Died 1953. Buried in Hastings. Lawyer by trade.
    • Governors; Sigler, Kim
    • Begole, Josiah W.

    • Josiah W. Begole, 19th Governor of Michigan, 1883-1884. Fusionist. Religion: Presbyterian. Born in New York in 1815. Died 1896. Buried in Flint. Farmer by trade.
    • Governors; Begole, Josiah W.
    • Rich, John T.

    • John T. Rich, 23rd Governor of Michigan, 1893-1896. Republican. Religion: Presbyterian. Born in Pennsylvania in 1841. Died 1926. Buried in Lapeer. Farmer by trade.
    • Governors; Rich, John T.
    • Barry, John S.

    • John S. Barry, 4th Governor of Michigan, 1842-1846; 8th Governor of Michigan, 1850-1851. Democrat. Born in New Hampshire in 1802. Died 1870. Buried in Constantine. Lawyer and businessman by trade.
    • Governors; Barry, John S.
    • Bagley, John J.

    • John J. Bagley, 16th Governor of Michigan, 1873-1876. Republican. Religion: Unitarian. Born in New York in 1832. Died 1881. Buried in Detroit. A businessman by trade.
    • Governors; Bagley, John J.
    • Swainson, John B.

    • John B. Swainson, 42nd Governor of Michigan, 1961-1962. Democrat. Religion: United Church of Christ. Born in Canada in 1925. Died 1994. Lawyer by trade.
    • Governors; Swainson, John B.


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