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    • Bliss, Aaron T.

    • Aaron T. Bliss, 25th Governor of Michigan, 1901-1904. Republican. Religion: Methodist. Born in New York in 1837. Died 1906. Buried in Saginaw. Worked in the business and lumber trades.
    • Governors; Bliss, Aaron T.
    • Sleeper, Albert E.

    • Albert E. Sleeper, 29th Governor of Michigan, 1917-1920. Republican. Religion: Episcopal. Born in Vermont in 1862. Died 1934. Buried in Lexington. Businessman and banker by trade.
    • Governors; Sleeper, Albert E.
    • Groesbeck, Alexander J.

    • Alexander J. Groesbeck, 30th Governor of Michigan, 1921-1926. Republican. Born in Macomb County in 1873. Died 1953. Buried in Detroit. Lawyer by trade.
    • Governors; Groesbeck, Alexander J.
    • Blair, Austin

    • Austin Blair, 13th Governor of Michigan, 1861-1864. Republican. Born in New York in 1818. Died 1894. Buried in Jackson. Lawyer by trade.
    • Governors; Blair, Austin
    • Croswell, Charles M.

    • Charles M. Croswell, 17th Governor of Michigan, 1877-1880. Republican. Religion: Presbyterian/Episcopal. Born in New York in 1825. Died 1886. Buried in Adrian. Lawyer and banker by trade.
    • Governors; Croswell, Charles M.
    • Osborn, Chase S.

    • Chase S. Osborn, 27th Governor of Michigan, 1911-1912. Republican. Religion: Presbyterian. Born in Indiana in 1860. Died 1949. Buried in Duck Island. Publisher by trade.
    • Governors; Osborn, Chase S.
    • Luce, Cyrus G.

    • Cyrus G. Luce, 21st Governor of Michigan, 1887-1890. Republican. Religion: Presbyterian. Born in Ohio in 1824. Died 1905. Buried in Coldwater. Farmer by trade.
    • Governors; Luce, Cyrus G.
    • Jerome, David H.

    • David H. Jerome, 18th Governor of Michigan, 1881-1881. Republican. Religion: Episcopal. Born in Detroit in 1829. Died 1896. Buried in Saginaw. Worked in the business and lumber trades.
    • Governors; Jerome, David H.
    • Fitzgerald, Frank D.

    • Frank D. Fitzgerald, 34th Governor of Michigan, 1935-1936; 36th Governor of Michigan, 1939. Republican. Religion: Congregational. Born in Grand Ledge in 1885. Died 1939. Buried in Grand Ledge. Politician by trade.
    • Governors; Fitzgerald, Frank D.
    • Warner, Fred M.

    • Fred M. Warner, 26th Governor of Michigan, 1905-1910. Republican. Religion: Methodist/Episcopal. Born in England in 1865. Died 1923. Buried in Farmington. Businessman by trade.
    • Governors; Warner, Fred M.
    • Green, Fred W.

    • Fred W. Green, 1927-1930, 31st Governor of Michigan. Republican. Born in Manistee in 1872. Died 1936. Buried in Ionia. Lawyer and businessman by trade.
    • Governors; Green, Fred W.
    • Romney, George

    • George Romney, 43rd Governor of Michigan, 1963-1969. Republican. Religion: Mormon. Born in Mexico in 1907. Died 1995. Businessman by trade.
    • Governors; Romney, George
    • Kelly, Harry F.

    • Harry F. Kelly, 39th Governor of Michigan, 1943-1946. Republican. Religion: Catholic. Born in Illinois in 1895. Died 1971. Buried in Southfield. Lawyer by trade.
    • Governors; Kelly, Harry F.
    • Pingree, Hazen S.

    • Hazen S. Pingree, 24th Governor of Michigan, 1897-1900. Republican. Religion: Baptist. Born in Maine in 1840. Died 1901. Buried in Detroit. Worked in the business and shoes trade.
    • Governors; Pingree, Hazen S.
    • Crapo, Henry H.

    • Henry H. Crapo, 14th Governor of Michigan, 1865-1868. Republican. Religion: Christian Church/Universalist. Born in Massachusetts in 1804. Died 1869. Buried in Flint. Worked in the lumber industry.
    • Governors; Crapo, Henry H.
    • Baldwin, Henry P.

    • Henry P. Baldwin, 15th Governor of Michigan, 1869-1872. Republican. Religion: Episcopal. Born in 1814 in Rhode Island. Died 1892. Buried in Detroit. Businessman by trade.
    • Governors; Baldwin, Henry P.
    • Bagley, John J.

    • John J. Bagley, 16th Governor of Michigan, 1873-1876. Republican. Religion: Unitarian. Born in New York in 1832. Died 1881. Buried in Detroit. A businessman by trade.
    • Governors; Bagley, John J.
    • Rich, John T.

    • John T. Rich, 23rd Governor of Michigan, 1893-1896. Republican. Religion: Presbyterian. Born in Pennsylvania in 1841. Died 1926. Buried in Lapeer. Farmer by trade.
    • Governors; Rich, John T.
    • Sigler, Kim

    • Kim Sigler, 40th Governor of Michigan, 1947-1948. Republican. Religion: Methodist. Born in Nebraska in 1894. Died 1953. Buried in Hastings. Lawyer by trade.
    • Governors; Sigler, Kim


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