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    • Ordiway, Elijah

    • Portrait of Elijah Ordiway, 1862. Adrian. Enlisted in company A, Seventeenth Infantry, Aug. 9, 1862, at Adrian, for 3 years, age 29. Mustered Aug. 19, 1862. Died at Knoxville, Md. Nov. 12, 1862 (Descriptive Roll Seventeenth Michigan Volunteers).
    • Ordiway, Elijah ;Elijah Ordiway; American Civil War ; ; Seventeenth Michigan Infantry ;17th Michigan Infantry; Adrian (Mich.)
    • Thibos, John

    • Portrait of John Thibos. Enlisted in company B, Engineers and Mechanics, Dec. 28, 1863, at Grand Rapids, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Jan. 5, 1864. Artificer Aug. 1, 1865. Mustered out at Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 22, 1865.
    • American Civil War; John Thibos; Thibos, John; First Michigan Engineers and Mechanics; 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics; Grand Rapids (Mich.); artificer;
    • Felton, Hiram D.

    • Portrait of Hiram D. Felton, 1861-1862. Nankin. Enlisted in company F, Sixteenth Infantry, Aug. 5, 1861, at Plymouth, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Sept. 7, 1861. Corporal. Discharged for disability at Detroit, Mich., Dec. 30, 1862, on account...
    • Felton, Hiram D. ;Hiram D. Felton; American Civil War ; ; noncommissioned officer ; Sixteenth Michigan Infantry ;16th Michigan Infantry; corporal ; Nankin (Mich.) ; Plymouth (Mich.) ; Flint (Mich.)
    • Roberts, A.E.

    • Two Civil War soldiers, one in frame, seated in chair, pants are tinted green. Second image filed behind is head and shoulder pose of a different soldier. Emulsion is in very bad condition, peeling away from plate, written on facing side is "A.E....
    • Tintype; Civil War; Soldiers; Military Uniforms; A.E. Roberts; Kalamazoo (Mich.)
    • Three unidentified men

    • Three unidentified men, all with coat, vest and tie, seated with arms around shoulders. In poor condition, emulsion seperated and peeling, no mat, no case.
    • Tintype; Men
    • Maloney, Thomas

    • Portrait of Thomas Maloney. (Veteran), Jackson County. Enlisted in company K, Eighth Infantry, Sept. 3, 1861, at Jackson, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Sept. 23, 1861. Corporal. Enlisted in regular army at Pleasant Valley, Md., Oct. 24, 1862. ...
    • American Civil War; Thomas Maloney; Maloney, Thomas; Eighth Michigan Infantry; 8th Michigan Infantry; Jackson County (Mich.); Jackson (Mich.); private; corporal; sergeant; noncommissioned officer; flag;
    • Dutton, Charles R.

    • Portrait of Charles R. Dutton 1862-1864. Iosco. Enlisted in company B Twenty-sixth Infantry as Corporal Aug. 15 1862 at Iosco for 3 years age 26. Mustered Sept. 15 1862. Wounded in action at the Wilderness Va. May 7 1864. Sergeant. Killed in...
    • Dutton, Charles R.;Charles R. Dutton; American Civil War; ; Twenty-sixth Michigan Infantry;26th Michigan Infantry; Iosco (Mich.)
    • Carr, Fred

    • Portrait of Fred Carr c. 1865. Soldier in the Twenty-fifth Infantry (state?). For further description see (Descriptive Roll Twenty-fourth Michigan Volunteers).
    • Carr, Fred;Fred Carr; American Civil War; ; Twenty-fifth Michigan Infantry; 25th Michigan Infantry
    • Moody, Edward W.

    • Edward W. Moody, Co. G, 12th Michigan Infantry, full length portrait. In poor condition, emulsion peeled and cracking badly, mat elipitcal gilt, with clover pattern, in good condition, made by "Holmes, Booth & Hayden, Waterbury, Conn., no case.
    • Tintype; Moody, Edward W.; Twelfth Michigan Infantry; Civil War; Soldiers; Military Uniforms;Holmes, Booth & Hayden; Waterbury (Conn.)
    • Miss Cheney

    • Miss Cheney, Rochester, N.Y., young girl seated, with print dress, bracelets on arms, necklace, hair in ringlets. Excellent condition, mat, oval gilt, with flags, ship, cannon, stars, etc. Words "Constitution and Union" printed on lower half,...
    • Tintype; Miss Cheney; Rochester (N.Y.)
    • Miel, Charles Homer

    • Portrait of Charles Homer Miel 1864-1865. Greenville. Enlisted in company H Twenty-first Infantry Aug. 17 1864 at Grand Rapids for 1 year, age 20. Mustered Aug. 17 1864. Transferred to company F, Oct. 16 1864. Mustered out at Washington D.C....
    • Miel, Charles Homer;Charles Homer Miel; American Civil War; Twenty-first Michigan Infantry; 21st Michigan Infantry; soldier; bayonet; flag
    • Unidentified woman

    • Unidentified woman, bow in hair, satin collar, with cameo pin in fron. Oval gilt mat, with flowers. Case is paper covered wood.
    • Tintype; Woman
    • Unidentified man

    • Unidentified man, seated with beard, coat, vest and tie, with hand grasping lapel of coat; in excellent condition. Mat, rectangular, with floral and leaf pattern; excellent condition. Case is paper covered wood, with oval scroll design, badly...
    • Tintype; Man
    • Crane, Alphonso

    • Portrait of Alphonso Crane, posed with American flag in back, 1861-1863. Allegan County. Enlisted in company K, Second Infantry, May 10, 1861, at Kalamazoo, for 3 years, age 22. Mustered May 25, 1861. Corporal July, 1863. Killed in action at...
    • Crane, Alphonso; Alphonso Crane;American Civil War ; ; noncommissioned officer ; Second Michigan Infantry;2nd Michigan Infantry; corporal ; Allegan County (Mich.) ; Kalamazoo (Mich.) ; Jackson, Battle of, Jackson, Miss., 1863 ; American flag
    • Three individual portraits

    • Three individual portaits, "Grandmonthers' youngest brother Richard, his wife, and daughter, media, gift of Mary Snyder, Maple Rapids, 1961." Older man & woman's portrait in poor condition, faded and cracked, daughter is in good condition, oval...
    • Tintype; Man; Women; Dean & Emerson; Worchester (Mass.)
    • Morry, George

    • George Morry, Kentucky Cavalry, seated, pistol drawn and held accross chest with finger on trigger, hand gilt painted buttons and stripes, fair condition. No mat, no case.
    • Tintype; Morry, George; Man; Kentucky Cavalry; Military uniforms; Civil War; Soldiers
    • Thomas, Attison E.

    • Portrait of Attison E. or Allison Thomas 1862-1864. Putnam. Enlisted in company B Twenty-sixth Infantry Aug. 11 1862 at Putnam for 3 years age 18. Mustered Sept. 15 1862. Corporal. Died May 14 1864 of wounds received in action at Spottsylvania...
    • Thomas, Attison E.; Thomas, Allison; American Civil War; ; Twenty-sixth Michigan Infantry; Spotsylvania Court House, Battle of, Va., 1864; Putnam (Mich.)
    • Horton, Thomas

    • Portrait of Thomas Horton, 1862-1865. Arlington. Enlisted in company G, Nineteenth Infantry, Aug. 11, 1862, at Arlington, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Sept. 5, 1862. Corporal June 5, 1863. Sergeant Dec. 1, 1863. First Sergeant Dec. 17,...
    • Horton, Thomas ;Thomas Horton; American Civil War ; ; noncommissioned officer ; Nineteenth Michigan Infantry ;19th Michigan Infantry; corporal ; sergeant ; first sergeant ; Arlington (Mich.) ; Thompson's Station, Battle of, Thompson's Station,...
    • Depue, Gideon

    • Portrait of Gideon Depue, 1861-1862. Possibly James G. Depue described as follows: Kinderhook. Enlisted in Company E, First Infantry, July 2, 1861, at Coldwater, for 3 years, age 24. Mustered Sept. 14, 1861. Killed in action at Bull Run, Va.,...
    • Depue, Gideon;Gideon Depue; American Civil War ; First Michigan Infantry ; 1st Michigan Infantry; Kinderhook (Mich.) ; Coldwater (Mich.) ; Bull Run, 2nd Battle of, Va., 1862; soldier


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